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Amazon is often called a one-stop shop. Whether you want a book, a coffee pot, shoes, or a phone, it can be found there. Well, Hot Essay Service is also a one-stop shop of sorts – only it’s for writing – any kind of writing you could ever want or need, and then some.

Take a look at all the writing services we offer – all with qualified writers to produce them.

  1. Essays

This is the most common assignment students get. Probably because there are so many different types of them. And any instructor or professor can easily find one or more types that will fit in with his/her course.

English comp courses will mean writing every single type – narrative, expository, definition, comparison/contrast, analysis, argumentative – and the entire semester is spent writing them.

Then there are the humanities – social sciences, philosophy, psychology, etc. Instructors can find all sorts of essay topics and types for assignments, especially analysis and argumentative.

The fine arts are no exception – movie and book reviews, reflective pieces, and more.

Even in the hard sciences, there will be essay assignments – how about the ethical issues of biogenetic engineering? Or the impact of ocean warming on weather conditions?

In any given semester, you could face as many as 10-15 essay assignments. And when they all seem to come at the same time, you are definitely on overload.

We Have the Writers…

That’s why we have writers in all areas of study – scholars with graduate degrees in their subject fields and lots of experience creating original essays for students all over the English-speaking world.

  1. Research Papers

Another one of those very common assignments. It is estimated that during a four-year college program, students will write an average of 25-35 research papers. That can be as many as 5 each semester, just as an undergraduate.

And research papers take on new meaning in graduate school. They turn into things like case studies and lab reports – all requiring plenty of background research.

The thing is this: that research takes time; putting that research all together takes time; and the writing hasn’t even begun yet.

When you hate the topic; when you don’t have the time; when you have just procrastinated, or have too many papers due at once – Hot Essay Service has the perfect writer – a degreed expert in your topic, ready to do that research and writing.

  1. College Application and Admissions Essays

OK. So, you know you have to write the most amazing essay of your life so far. This essay or essays can be a major factor in your future, and you have to get them right. How creative are you? How memorable an essay can you write?

If you have any concerns at all about your ability to write the most amazing essay, you need to get in touch with us. Our creative writing department can take the essay prompts, your personal information, work one-on-one with you, and craft an exceptional piece that will “knock the socks off” of any admissions or scholarship determination committee.

  1. Editing/Proofreading

So, you have written your essay, paper, book review, case study, thesis or dissertation. You know your writing skills are not the best. But you have given it the best you have.

Here is your next step. Get in touch with Hot Essay Service, and let our editors and proofreaders take that piece of writing, review it, clean it up, and give you the polished piece of writing you need for the best grade possible.

It’s reasonable, fast, and amazing – let us do this for you.

  1. Homework Help

Our writing services include help with homework projects that may not involve essays and papers. We are often contacted by students in STEM courses who need help with projects, such as math modeling, computation, research, and more.

We’ve got experts with graduate degrees in all STEM areas who can provide any type of coursework help you might need.

  1. Thesis and Dissertation Consultation

Grad students reach the ends of their programs and with those ends come their culminating works – theses and dissertations. Many writing service can’t offer help because they don’t have Ph.D. scholars on hand to give it. Not so with Hot Essay Service.

Whatever your area of research; wherever you are in the process of producing your thesis or dissertation, we have a Ph.D. consultant who can help with anything from identifying your research question to your literature review, to your research design and implementation, and the statistical analysis.

We can give you as little or as much help as you need, until you have a final project you are proud to submit to our committee.

  1. Resumes/CV’s, and Cover Letters

When students get ready to graduate, they are seeking their first career positions. This will require targeted resumes and CV’s and cover letters that engage and compel readers to take a longer look at a candidate.

Whether you are looking for your first position or are already in the workforce looking for a change, you should know that Hot Essay Service has experts from HR fields in all industries who can design and develop exceptional applicant documents which will result in interviews.  Get in touch and let’s get to work on these.

We are That One-Stop Shop

Hot Essay Service has exactly what you are looking for in a writing service. You will have confidential, expert help, with guarantees of originality and satisfaction. We don’t stop working until you have exactly what you want. Let’s get started. Get your first order form filled out and experience the results of a professional writing company.