Ready for That Dream Job? Start with an Amazing Resume/CV

Hot Essay Service is the perfect place for resume and CV writing. Here’s why:

  • We don’t produce “cookie cutter” documents, like most other resume and CV writing services. Those guys have a set of templates which they use over and over again.
  • We place you with a personal consultant/writer from your career field
  • We customize every resume or CV for the position and organization it’s going to
  • We craft unique designs based upon the position and target organization
  • You will get an amazing and customized cover letter to accompany each document

Take a closer look at how our CV and resume writing service works, and why it’s your best source:

How We Develop Your Resumes and CV’s

Notice first of all that we have used the plural forms of these words. This is because a single resume will never work. Here’s why:

  • Unless you are sending out blind resumes on job boards, every position you are applying for is unique; and so, each position requires a unique resume
  • While your skills, talents and educational/experiential background are the same, you will want to emphasize different parts of these for different positions
  • Your professional summary at the beginning of your resume or CV must be different for each position.
  • The cover letter you send along with your resume/CV must be unique for each position/organization

Anyone who tells you that a single generic resume or CV will be fine is lying to you and very lazy.

Trait Approach
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Subject areaPsychology

Our resume/CV writers are anything but lazy, and they will not let you be either. Here is what happens when you contact Hot Essay Service for your resume/CV/cover letter needs:

  1. We will analyze both all of your information and the job descriptions of the positions for which you are applying
  2. We will provide a personal consultant from your career field – one who has been or is currently employed in the field and who fully understands it.
  3. You consultant will analyze the positions for which you are applying; he will conduct research on the organizations that have openings for which you are qualified and that you have identified for application.
  4. Customized resumes will be designed based on the position descriptions and the organizations offering those positions
  5. Unique cover letters will be crafted to engage and appeal to their readers – this letter will intrigue and motivate the reader to take a longer look at that resume or CV. Our cover letter writing service is seen as important in design and content as that of the other documents that follow.

How to order

1.Provide order details
2.Complete secure payment
3.Keep an eye on the writing process
4.Get your exclusive paper done

Let’s Talk Design

If you contact a common resume writing service, you will get a nice resume or CV, for sure. It will be generic in nature so that you can send it to any company or organization. It will conform to standard templates that such services have.

And it will look like every other resume submitted.

And it will be boring.

It will get the same 8 seconds of viewing that every other resume or CV gets.

And it will probably be discarded.

Reasons to choose us

1.Time – tested quality
2.Years of writing experience
3.Exclusive and one-of-a-kind services
4.Turnkey security and Money Back guarantees

One design never works. Consider this:

  • A bank or financial investment group; a traditional accounting firm; a conservative corporation. These organizations will want to see a traditional cover letter and a traditional resume or CV.
  • A retail establishment; a non-profit organization; a school or university. These organizations are not as conservative as the first group, and they will be happy to see a resume that veers from the traditional.
  • A startup software development company; a film production enterprise; a graphic design business. These businesses are looking for the unique, for the creative. They will want to see resumes that are more informal and have lots of creativity of candidate presentation.

Now you can understand why one resume may not work for every job you are looking at it. If you are an IT specialist, for example, your skills will cross all of these types of organizations and companies. And if you are look at positions in all of these different organizational categories, the designs of your resumes, and your cover letters, will need to be quite varied.

And this is how Hot Essay Service’s resume and CV creation department differs from what we call “resume mills.” Every resume or CV; every cover letter; any other type of application material – all will be uniquely designed for the position descriptions and for the organizations to which they are going.

Which Would You Rather Have?

We think you want a resume writing service that is going to provide the customized and individualized document designs that are going to make you far more marketable to any organization you may be considering. And when you use our services, you will get just that.

If you are a newbie in your career looking for entry-level positions; if you are a seasoned pro in your field – getting those applicant documents right should be your top priority. They are what will get you that interview. And nothing will happen until you do get those interviews.

Let Hot Essay Service help you land those interviews – get in touch with us today.

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