Get Excellent Grade for Dissertation Writing

You can’t get that piece of parchment without it – the biggest project of your academic life – that dissertation. You’ve known it was coming for a while, and the time is now here.

Most students facing their dissertations are pretty ambivalent about them. On the one hand, they are anxious to get started on a research study that they are probably excited about. And of course, they are anxious to get it over with. On the other hand, they are dreading the next 12-18 months of hard work, frustration, perhaps some anger, and certainly stress.

We Are Amused

We are often amused when we read the claims of another dissertation writing service – they have professional writers who can whip up a dissertation, from start to finish, in an amazingly short period of time. We laugh because they obviously have no idea what a dissertation is and how it is actually produced.

Do they think you don’t have an advisor and a committee checking your progress? Do they think they can design and implement an original research project that you need to conduct locally? We’re pretty sure they don’t get any “takers.”

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We Offer the Right Kind of Help

We understand how a dissertation is produced and what a complex project it is. We also understand that students who need to buy dissertation help do so understanding that they will be intimately involved with the Ph.D. dissertation writers we have. Actually, we prefer to call them consultants, because that is much of what they do. They provide as little or as much help as their client needs, as those needs arise.

Here is how it all happens:

  1. You contact our customer support department before filling out an order form. You provide your area of research.
  2. We locate a Ph.D. researcher in your field and put them in contact with you.
  3. You and your consultant discuss the type of assistance you need and develop a plan.
  4. Once that happens, we are able to provide the best prices for each stage of help. And we also have progressive payment plans, so that you pay as you go.
  5. You work directly with your consultant from this point forward.

How to order

1.Provide order details
2.Complete secure payment
3.Keep an eye on the writing process
4.Get your exclusive paper done

Here’s the Type of Dissertation and Thesis Writing Service You Can Expect

Once your consultant is assigned, there is help available through each stage.

  1. Development of Research Question/Thesis Statement

Many students have a general topic area and have even conducted some initial research. But they are struggling with developing a strong research question. Your consultant will listen to you and help you craft the perfect question.

  1. That All-Important Dissertation Proposal

Students can hit snags at this stage, usually because advisors and committees will want lots of input. Once you give your consultant your departmental guidelines for this piece, s/he can craft each section perfectly. The goal is to get it approved quickly so that you can get on with it.

  1. The Literature Review

This is an area in which your consultant will be invaluable. While you are searching, reading abstracts, and then reviewing literature that ends up not being useful, your consultant already knows which literature should be used – a big time saver. And, if you wish, your consultant can actually craft this chapter for you.

  1. The Methodology/Results

When you and your consultant wrote that proposal, you presented a research design and methodology, including a description of the instruments to be used. This chapter cannot be written until you conduct your research. Your consultant cannot come to you and do this. But, as you collect your data, you can then send it over to your consultant who can write up the research, constructing the charts and graphs that will best show that data.

Depending on your department guidelines, your methodology and results may be divided into two chapters. The results will be your statistical analysis of the gathered data – where you want to show that your research produced a significant result. This can be a tough section or chapter, but your consultant has done this many times before.

Reasons to choose us

1.Time – tested quality
2.Years of writing experience
3.Exclusive and one-of-a-kind services
4.Turnkey security and Money Back guarantees

  1. The Conclusion

This chapter requires excellent organization and will include not only the answer to your research question, but will discuss the constraints and provide direction for future researchers. Your consultant can be invaluable in crafting this correctly.

  1. The Introduction

Yes, this should be crafted after all else is completed. You want an intro that states your research question and provides a brief description of what you have undertaken – just enough to engage the reader enough so that he wants to read your work.

  1. The Abstract

The final piece. You’ve read many of these during your research. But if you have trouble consolidating all your work into a one-page summary, you have a consultant who knows the entire work and can help you get there.

The Benefits and Guarantees

Limitless Amendments$23.99
Title page$4.99
Plagiarism Report$15.99

We want all of our clients to feel comfortable using our professional and reliable service. This is what you can expect:

  • Full confidentiality
  • The best pricing for top quality
  • A consultant who is a scholar in your field
  • Progressive approval as each section/chapter is completed
  • Completion of work only when you are satisfied

This can be a stressful time in your life. Lots of students never finish their dissertations because they burn out. Don’t let this be you. Get in touch with us now, and let’s get going.

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