Editing and Proofreading For a Polished Piece of Writing

There’s a very common saying – “The lawyer who defends himself has a fool for a client.” The same could almost be said for students who edit and proofread their own writing pieces, especially when their grades/approval depend on perfect scholarly writing. And here’s why:

When students spend a lot of time researching and writing an essay, research paper, theses, or dissertations, or any other type of written work, they are heavily “invested” in that piece. They have re-worked it a lot. Now, when it’s time to edit and proofread, they are likely to miss many things – a sentence fragment or run-on, a poorly worded or awkward section; mechanical errors in agreement, punctuation, etc.; even some typos that Word missed.

Get That Second Pair of Eyes

It’s really a good idea to have someone else do the editing and proofreading of your writing assignments – someone who is a skilled writer themselves. If you have such a friend or relative, that is great. But if you do not, or that go-to person is too busy, then your other go-to source is Hot Essay Service.

Here’s How our Editing and Proofreading Services “Roll”

First of all, we are very fast. An essay or research paper is usually edited and proofread within a few hours of getting it from you.

Obviously, a thesis or dissertation takes a bit longer, but we can meet deadlines quickly. Most grad students who send us these projects do so progressively, so that each section or chapter is edited and proofread as they finish it.

It’s easy to order up our editing services

  1. Go to our order form
  2. Give us the information about what you are sending over for edit
  3. Select the editing/proofreading option
  4. Upload your piece of writing
  5. Submit and make payment (prices are really reasonable, by the way)

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Urgency5 days
Academic levelCollege 4th year
Subject areaEnglish

Here’s What Happens When Your Order is Placed

  1. We take a look at what type of piece you have sent over
  2. Based on what it is, we send it one of two places:
  • If it’s a basic essay, research paper, book review, etc., it goes directly to our editing department. We have English experts (with degrees in English), most of whom are English teachers or professors working for us on the side. It’s a large pool of people, so someone is always ready to take your order.
  • If it’s a major or highly specialized piece of writing (a physics paper, a math problem research project, a thesis, dissertation, etc.), then we turn it over to a specialist – someone with a graduate degree in the topic field. There’s stuff like terminology that we want to make sure is right.
  1. You can designate whether you want our full editing services or just proofreading – yes they are different. 

How to order

1.Provide order details
2.Complete secure payment
3.Keep an eye on the writing process
4.Get your exclusive paper done

What Editing Means at Hot Essay Service

Editing is a full review of everything:

  1. The editor begins by reading the whole piece, looking for things like a solid thesis statement, the structure and organization of the points you make, and the overall flow of the writing. Is it logical? Does everything support the thesis statement? Are paragraphs or sections divided up correctly? Does everything make sense?
  2. Then, each section or paragraph is reviewed individually. Are there topic sentences? Are there good transitions from one to the next?
  3. Then the process gets into more detail. It’s time to look at the sentences. Is there enough variety of length and type? Are verb tenses consistent? Is there agreement between subjects and verbs, etc.?

The editor will point out the changes that s/he thinks should be made and send those over to you. You get to decide whether these are changes you want. If so, they will be made to the document you sent over. It’s really that simple.

Reasons to choose us

1.Time – tested quality
2.Years of writing experience
3.Exclusive and one-of-a-kind services
4.Turnkey security and Money Back guarantees

What If You Just Want Proofreading?

Our services include full editing (which includes proofreading) or just proofreading. Of course, just proofreading is cheaper, and here is what you get:

  1. Our proofreaders are looking for errors in sentence structure, verb tense inconsistencies, agreement problems, and spelling, punctuation, and other mechanical issues.
  2. Proofreading does not involve assessment of the piece as a whole – its flow and coherency, for example.

If you are comfortable with the structure of your piece, then perhaps proofreading is all you need. You’ll get those pesky grammatical and punctuation mistakes fixed, and your piece will have the polish you need.

Re-Writing – an Offshoot of Editing/Proofreading

Sometimes instructors and professors give their students a second chance. They return a piece of writing and offer a better grade if they will re-write it. And they usually state what is wrong with the first attempt. Send it on over, and we’ll clean and polish it for you.

Other times, students find a perfect piece of writing that is a perfect fit for an assignment they face. Completely re-writing it so that it is original is pretty tough, though. Well, it’s not for our writers. Again, send it on over, and we’ll get you that original piece you need.

Best Benefits Ever

We have lots of benefits and guarantees for our customers:

  • First, we always have discounts – for new and returning customers. Check them out.
  • Next, we guarantee your satisfaction – we’ll keep working on something until you are happy with it
  • Third, we give you privacy – we protect your identity with firewalls and the latest security software systems. We never share customer information with anyone else – EVER.
  • We meet deadlines, no matter how urgent – we are fast and accurate
  • Your instructions are followed to the letter.
  • There will never be a plagiarized sentence leaving our doors. We scan everything to guarantee originality.

You won’t do any better in terms of quality, service and pricing. Place an order and we’ll show you.

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