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Get Into Your Dream College with a Great Application Essay

Students who apply to the same colleges have many of the same qualifications. They know the GPA’s, the SAT and/or ACT scores, and the other accomplishments they need to have in order to be considered by the colleges they hope to attend. They apply accordingly. 

The Bad News

And so, every year, there is a pool of equally-qualified candidates, all hoping that somehow their college application documents will stand out above the rest. Unfortunately, unless they are able to create a skillful and creative college application essay to go with those documents, nothing will make them unique or memorable in the eyes of an admissions committee.

The Good News

Fortunately, however, most colleges and universities do publish the college essay writing requirements long before an application must be submitted. Students will either be preparing one of the essays that go along with the Common Application, or they will find the topic choices on the college website. They will then have plenty of time to decide on their topics and work on crafting that perfect essay.

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What Admissions Committees are Looking For

Students will generally have a choice of several options for essay topics. Looking closely on them, the specific may vary, but there is one common theme – a student will be asked to reflect on some aspect of his/her life and analyze how that aspect has shaped a part of who he is today.

This in itself is a tall order. But there’s more. The committee wants to be ‘wowed.” It wants to be engaged by creativity; it wants to be entertained and/or inspired by a student’s personal story. That is what makes a student memorable.

If you are worried about your ability to do this, no matter how great your “story” may be, then it’s time to contact a college application essay writing service.

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