Revision Policy

This policy has been developed so that all of our customers know exactly when, how, and why they can request revisions to the final drafts of products they receive.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality custom original products to our customers. And because our customers and their writers have direct conversations, the satisfaction rate is extremely high.

We also understand that there are rare instances in which customers may not be 100% satisfied and may wish some revisions made. And we want them to know that we are committed to making those revisions until they are completely happy with what they have.

How to Request a Revision

The process is simple:

  1. When your piece of writing is complete, it will be uploaded to your personal account, and you will receive notification that it is there.
  2. You access your account, open the final draft, and review it.
  3. If you are happy, just click “approve’ and you will have the piece ready for download.
  4. If you see anything that you want changed, click the “revision request” button. You will then be given a field in which you will write what you want revised. Your writer will receive that notification and information immediately, and s/he will complete those revisions quickly, getting the revised version back to you.
  5. You may request as many revisions as you need, until you are happy.
  6. You also have the right to request a different writer to complete those revisions, and we are happy to supply one if they are available.

Requesting a Revision after Taking Delivery

If you take delivery of a piece and then, after further review, you decide you want revisions, we will be happy to do those, so long as you make that request within seven (7) days after taking delivery.

If you piece was lengthy and/or complex (e.g., a thesis or dissertation), we allow 14 days for revision requests.

Two Types of Revisions – Free and Paid

Most revisions are free of charge, but there are some that are not. Here is an explanation of the difference.

Free Revisions

Any time your writer has not followed your instruction on the order, form, any revisions of this nature are free. For example, you may have requested 8 pages and only received 7. Or you may have asked for 5 resources and your writer only used 4. These changes will be made as quickly as possible and the revised version back over to you as quickly as possible. These errors are very rare, because our editing department checks each completed piece against the original instructions a customer gives.

There are also times when a revision in content or structure may be requested. If this does not alter the original order instructions, then of course, the revision is free.

Paid Revisions

If a customer has made an error on the order form, and the writer has worked from the instructions on that order, then the customer will need revisions. These mean a change in the original order instructions, and we do have to charge for these. It means additional work for the writer that was not planned for.

If you need changes that represent a change from your original order, you will need to provide the details to us. We will than analyze that request and provide you with a reasonable fee for them. Please understand that no work on those revisions will begin until that fee is paid.

We will work hard to keep revision costs to a minimum, and your fee will be based on the amount of work the writer will have to put in to get them done.

Changes to Our Revision Policy

If we need to make any changes to this Revision Policy, we will announce those changes on our website. It is the customer’s responsibility to review this policy and any changes that are announced. All of our customers automatically agree to this policy when they use our services and place writing orders with us.


If you have any questions about our Revision Policy, our customer support agents are on call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Get in touch by phone or chat, and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

Changes to Our Revision Policies

At times, we may need to adjust these policies. Because of this, we reserve the right to make changes to our revision policies at any time without providing prior notice. We will make an effort to inform existing customers of these changes. However, we cannot guarantee that everyone will be informed. Please be aware that these policies apply to all customers whether they are familiar with them or not.