Thank you for taking the time to read this disclaimer page. It is important to be familiar with our policies whether you are a customer or simply visiting our website. Please understand that all of our policies apply to you, and that you are obligated to abide by all that apply to you. This disclaimer page will inform you of your rights and responsibilities as a customer.

Here, we will also cover a few policies that don’t fit neatly into our other policies. Please be sure you maintain familiarity with this document as we reserve the right to change it at any time without prior notification.

A Note About Our Policy Pages

Please note that all of our policies are outlined on our website. Please take the time to read these thoroughly. Unfamiliarity does not remove or reduce your obligation to adhere to our policies.

Customer Contact Information

It is extraordinarily important that we are able to contact you. If we are not able to do so, there can be dire consequences. These include our inability to provide you with the services that you need. Because of this, it is very important that the contact information in your customer file is accurate and up to date.

If you move, switch email providers, or change your phone number please let us know. Our customer support staff, writers, and other employees need to be able to contact you quickly in order to serve you best.

Order Cancellation

Please contact us if there is an issue that is causing you to feel as if you must cancel your order. We would love to help resolve it. If you do opt to cancel an order, please do so immediately. Whether or not you receive a refund, and the amount of that refund depends on the amount of work that was completed before we receive your cancellation request. For more information, please check out our money back guarantee policy.

Academic Honesty

We adhere to a strict policy that all of our documents will be completely original, and that they are created to the customer’s specifications. Every paper that is delivered to customers is double checked for originality. We have, and will back up one of the strongest originality guarantees in the industry.

Legal Use Statement

We are unable to provide a statement or advice about the legality of your use of our products and services. However, we are willing to state that we are not aware of anyone being faced with legal charges for using an online writing service.

Using Our Products And Services

After you accept and download your documents, they become your property. As such, you have the right to use it as you see fit with only a few exceptions. We do not claim rights to any documents after you have claimed them. However, in order to protect our reputation, and ensure that our standards of quality remain high,  we do have a few limitations.

  1. Customers will not sell papers to any individual or organization.
  2. Customers will not use any documents we provide to violate the law.
  3. Customers will only use content that we create for them, not content that display on our website, blog, or social media pages.

Customers may modify any documents they receive from us. However, if they do so that may impact some of our quality and originality guarantees.

Sources For Research And Inspiration

Many of our customers choose to provide us with sources to use for both research and inspiration. They may do this by uploading documents or providing links to online sources. We welcome these sources, but ask that they be provided to us as quickly as possible.

If we receive these sources later in the writing process, we will try to use them. However, by doing so we may be forced to adjust the project deadline. If this happens, we are unable to provide a refund or credit.

Finally, if a source requires payment to access or we need to have a password, the customer is responsible for covering that cost or providing the information that we need. We will not be able to use the sources until payment has been made.

Technical Troubles And Disasters

We have a comprehensive disaster recovery  plan that we have created with the help of a disaster recovery and security consulting firm. Further, we have taken every effort to ensure that there is little risk of our suffering technical issues that will impact our operations for a significant amount of time.

In the event that a disruption of services or loss of data should occur, we are not liable. These are caused by events that are beyond our control.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is very clearly outlined on its own policy page. Please refer to it for any information or contact customer service with questions.

Payment Methods

Payment is expected when you place your order. We accept online payments that include PayPal, money transfer or debit/credit cards.